Fish Management

triton | Fish Management

Mic Systems Triton fish management solution handles all the aspects of your fishing company in one easy to use program.

complete fish plant
software solution

MIC Systems complete fish plant software solutions, covers all the aspects you can think of when it comes to managing your company.

  • Fish Purchasing Modules
  • Multiple Canadian Payrolls
  • Fisher-person Payroll
  • Pay Only Approved Fish Tickets
  • Plant Payroll
  • Management Payroll
  • Supports EFT Payroll
  • Full Functional Accounts Receivable
  • Multiple Interest Charges for Various Invoice Classes
  • Invoices can be Charged in Various Currencies
  • Production Cost and Variance
  • Automated Share Management
  • T4F create/Print Module
  • Complete Account Payables/ Manual Cheque Printing Modules
  • Complete Inventory Control


Multi User Point of Sale Terminals

Giving you the ability to work on real live data from computers in an organization as well as computers over the internet through remote terminals

Supports EFT Payroll

Automated payroll EFT files that is supported by all the big banks.  Digital copies of payroll stubs emailed to all employees.

Supports up to 999 Departments

Having different departments allows you to have better control over how you manage your financial information.  Giving you a flexible general ledger without having an endless list of accounts.


Iron Clad Security Measures with Password Encryption

All users can have customizable access to a variety of features including advanced payroll menus that can have user based security.

Complete Discount/ Credit Module

You can setup a flexible pay early discount to entice early payments on accounts.


Extensive Purchase Order Module

Complete invoice tracking, vendor shipping and receiving, also uses reorder points to generate purchase orders. Email Purchase orders to vendors.

Fully Functional Budget Module

Have better control over your spending by using the budget and reporting section of the Complete Town Manager application.   The flexible yet detailed budget can be used to compare budget vs. actual giving you a better look at the overall financial picture of your business.

Real time multi year accounting

Batch accounting is a thing of the past with our real time multi year data entry.  Financial reports give up to the second detailed information.  No need to worry about year end procedures.  Your year end is really no different then your year beginning with the global date changer feature.  Make any adjusting entries at any time by just changing your accounting date.  Changes you make will be reflected in your accounting on the desired date.

Fully Functional Accounts Receivable

Track all of your accounts and help manage your receivables with a dedicated account collection section, hot list print out, aged listing, statements, interest calculations and more.

Supports up to 9999 Sub-departments in each department

Sub-departments assist with providing a detailed financial report. Giving you even more comprehensive look at individual aspects of your business.

Extensive Financial Reports

Includes trial balances, income statements, statistic comparatives, budgeted vs actual.

Support for Barcode Scanning

Inventory items linked with UPC codes.  This barcode scanner allows the ability to have multiple barcodes under the same item.

Manual Cheque Printing Module

Record expenses and write cheques without having to add to vendor or payables list.

Point of Sale Billing and Payments

It allows you to have more control over your invoicing.  Our POS allows you to bill customers in any currency but track all aspects of the sale based on your currency, making it easier to do international billing and payment collection.

Complete Inventory Control

Take control of your inventory. Monitor your inventory as well as print a catalog, create issues, and receipts.

Complete Accounts Payable

Detailed account information and payable reports make managing your accounts easier than ever before.  The cheque writing feature is easy to use.  Just find your vendor that you want to pay, select the invoices that you would like to pay and print.  A list of all invoices paid will be on the stub and your cheque is ready to be mailed.

Supports up to 999 Categories in each Sub-department

With categories you can now look at the productivity of your organization to see who or what is making better financial sense.

Printing for Custom Barcode

Program will generate shelf labels, item labels, detailed item description as well as specification sheet.

ROE create/print module

Automatically generate XML ROE forms for government ROE submission.


T4 Create/ Print

Automatically generate XML T4 forms for government T4 submission.

sub features

Fully integrates with all MIC Systems custom modules

Quick Phone

Customer lookup has never been so easy

Standard Calculator

Functions as a normal calculator

Calendar/ Diary

Insert events in Diary by date for later reference

Interest Calculator

Quickly determines interest amount on figures


System Messaging

Allow staff to communicate through the system

Label Option

Print customer, employee, vendor, and shipping labels

Global Date Changer

Makes entering date sensitive entries easier

Multi Calculator

Includes Gross Margin, Markup, Tax Amount Calculators


Error Reporting

Will check for descrepancies in the system

Internal Backup

Backup your POS to your system whenever needed