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At Computers and Communications Ltd., we realize the importance of a sound accounting package to the operation of any business.  We feel that our software provides a foundation of power and simplicity.  Our software features a planned and programmed accounting engine, which drives each individual module.   All of the required modules are designed to meet the needs of individual industries or companies and are fully integrated into your personalized application at build time.
Computers and Communications software is based on the MIC accounting engine.  This engine is completely exclusive and built by our company.  When combined with one or more of our modules designed for specific businesses, it provides total operation software solutions.  The advantage of this modular approach is that businesses receive solutions designed specifically for their industry.  No more out of the box software that only fulfills part of your companies needs.

About us

Our company currently manufactures more than 10 different business specific solutions, and we continue to custom design software as needs arise.  Our software ranges from  municipal management, freight management, hotel and property management, and so much more.

Company Profile

Computers and Communications Ltd. was established in June of 1983, by its current president Kevin J. McDonald to develop and manufacture computer hardware and software.  The concept was to provide one-stop shopping to assist companies undertaking the migration from manual to computerized accounting.  After viewing commerically available accounting software it was realized that each application lacked in one aspect or another; thus the development of the MIC P.O.S. began.  Beginning as a MS-DOS application, the MIC P.O.S. is now a complete Windows (from Win98 – Win10 ) integrated “Point of Sale and Accounting” application.  The first package exploded into more than 10 applications which include, “General Accounting”, “Cost and Variance”, “Hotel/Motel Operations”, “Transportation”, “Industrial Inventory Control”, “Municipal Management”, “Home Care Support”, “Fish Payroll & Management”, and much more.